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About Us

We Care about your Cargo

METRO TIME EXPRESS is a part of Metro Enterprise

METRO TIME EXPRESS was founded driving vision – “To serve and discover what had remained hidden in the COURIER field” M T E aims to bring in apt technologies that will commit to economic augmentation and improvements in the quality of life in and around us. Our mission is to provide the best courier service to our valuable customers through continuous innovation and integration of market leading research.

METRO TIME EXPRESS is in the business of providing EXPRESS Courier service and Logistics solutions. Ever since its inception metro group., has pioneered in courier services with 45 state of the art major hubs and 6 spare part centers across India covering almost all the states and aggregating to almost 1200 destinations The regional offices of metro group with a capacity to deliver more than 15000, documents per day and acts as mother warehouses for some of the major brands in India. The satellite offices act as rapid fulfillment points to reduce time to market for customers’ products.

Quality Policy

At MTE, we are committed towards:

  1. Satisfied Internal Customers, External Customers and Business Associates.
  2. Continual Improvement in products, processes, services and quality management System.
  3. Satisfied, Motivated and Committed Employees.


Our Vision to achieve performance excellent and create standards and our Mission maintaining high standard of quality support in order to fulfill our customer’s needs, provide responsible solutions.


MTE aims to create strong relationships with all its stakeholders, by abiding to its values of: Transparency in all transactions Understanding that our service efficiency is a part of customers’ balance sheet Protecting the environment by minimizing pollution and reducing national wastage